Friday, April 6, 2012

Opening Day Remarks

Game 1 is in the books.  Sox lose but it wasn't a complete disaster.

Danks was good.  I'd almost be willing to say very good.  If it weren't for Kinsler he would have been unreal.  2 runs created single handedly by Ian and the other run should have never been out there had Morel not botched that double play.  Danks mixed it up, struck some guys out, got the big out when he needed it, and really never faced a tough inning.  Hard to take a loss when you pitch pretty well, but that's Opening Day sometimes.

Adam Dunn goes yard in the first game.  His 8th career Opening Day homer tying him for the most in MLB history.  Pretty impressive.  But what I liked was the day as a whole he had.  Walked in the first, struck out on 6 pitches, homered, and lined out hard to first.  Sure it's 1 for 3 with a K, but the HR and the would be double are some very positive signs.

The goat of the game is definitely Brent Morel.  Morel struck out, and badly, all 4 AB's.  He looked completely lost the entire afternoon and seemed like he had no idea what he was doing up there.  Then to botch the DP ball which led to the winning run and the error in the 8th.  All in all pretty horrendous day for him.

The worst part of the day for me was the strikeouts.  Way, way, way too many.  The Rangers set an Opening Day record striking out 13 Sox hitters.  Morel's 4 led the team, but De Aza and Alexei also struck out multiple times.  A portion of that has to be credited to the mammoth strike zone for Ron Winters, but no matter what the size of the zone, you have to get some contact.  Especially on Opening Day when errors are a little more common.

Bullpen was good.  Thornton and Addison.  Hits for 7 different players.  Only the 1 error.  Not good, because we lost, but all in all not to bad.

Can't be too disappointed with a loss against arguably the best team in the AL.  But, we really do need to get out of here with at least one win.  Then we can go take care of some business in Cleveland.  I'd really just like to see 3-3 by the time we return home in a week.

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