Friday, April 6, 2012

Adam, Alex, and Bacon

The Sox are a similar team in 2012 as they were in 2011.  As far as personelle the changes are pretty minimal.  Aside from Buehrle, the 25 man roster is really close to what it was last year.

That would lead most to believe that this team will be close to the 79 win team of last year.  If they are going to be any better it's going to have to come from three people.  Rios, Dunn, and Beckham.

These three hit .227, .159, and .230 respectively.  All three were severely under what their career numbers are, and all three could very well rebound this year.

Dunn already has gotten off to a good start with his 1 for 3 day with a walk and a home run.  Beckham tallied a hit and Rios got on base and scored on a HBP.

So already, all three are faring a little better.  If we can get regular years out of each one of them, this team could easily be 5-10 wins better.  10 wins better puts us at 89, which would be right in the thick of things in September.

Have to like the way all three got out of the box today.  We'll be tracking each of them as the season goes on, and try to see which games their improvements will win that would have been losses a year ago.

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