Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Weather The Storm

It's been a week since the Sox last won.

But unlike yesterday where I decided to spout off every sad stat I could find, today I'm going to talk about getting through this rough patch.

The Sox have been struggling in all phases of the game. But they have been able to put some phases together in certain situations. We've seen some good pitching, the bullpen has gotten better, and they are at least getting a few runs here and there.

The key right now is to try and weather this. Understand night in and night out that it's going to be a struggle. But that just 1 win can turn this thing around. If someone can come through with a big hit, or somebody can throw a gem even better than the one Danks put up tonight.

The Sox are only 7-10. They aren't 1-10. And they definitely aren't 40-60. The Sox are 5.5 games behind the streaking Indians. And 3.5 behind the Royals. But they are just a game back of the Tigers, and actually a game ahead of the Twinks.

So all is not lost right now. Adam Dunn has not been anything close to what he will eventually will be here. Jake Peavy still hasn't come back from Arizona. And the bullpen will NEVER have a stretch like that had in the first 12 games again (at least I hope).

Just get through this. The Rays are on fire. Just as they were cold as ice when these two teams met in Chicago. We took 3 out of 4 then, and let's just hope we can get 1 out of 4 here to even it up.

As I posted earlier, the Indians and Royals are not for real. It's all a figment of our imagination... well not really, but both will fall in the near future.

So the way the Central should look, and eventually will look, the Sox are right in the middle of the race. 1 behind the Tigers. 1 ahead of the Twinks. Just keep looking at that, and all will not be lost.

Oh yeah, they really do need to start hitting the ball.

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