Monday, April 18, 2011

Time For The Monthly Post


4 straight games the opposing starter has gotten the victory. 7 IP, 3R Friday, 7 IP, 1R Saturday, 6.1 IP 2R Sunday, 8 IP, 0R Monday.

The Sox have scored 2 runs in the first 6 innings of the past 4 games. They have 20 hits in the 28.1 innings the starters have pitched.

It's not just 1 or 2 guys that are struggling. It's 8. Only Carlos Quentin is doing anything at the plate. The rest of them look lost up there. Adam Dunn says, "I stink." And it wouldn't hurt the rest of the offense to go in on some deodorant with Dunn.

As is par for course with professional sports, you can't fire the players, you have to look at coaches and managers. And the first person to blame is, and has always been, Greg Walker.

The man preaches power to the pull side. The exact opposite of what the manager of the same team calls for. He obviously has ZERO idea how to teach players to bunt, as EVERY guy not only can't do it, but also bunts the ball the wrong way every time.

He also wants people to go after pitcher's early in counts. In a world in which 100 pitches pretty much automatically means the pitcher comes out, 6+ pitch AB's are at a premium in this league. The Sox did this the first 9 games of the year. Now they don't.

They are back to the solo HR or bust mentality. And the person to blame is the hitting coach.

It's time for this bum to go. He is handed heaps of talent year in and year out, and they under preform EVERY SINGLE YEAR.

So if you are truly "All-In", there's no more time to waste. Shed the crap, and bring in someone who has a clue. Greg Walker does not do his job, and hasn't for 8 years. So get him out of here. And then maybe this team can start winning.

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