Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Not So "All In"

The Sox slogan for 2011 is "All In." It means the Sox organization is going to give everything they have both monetarily and physically to bring the World Series back to Chicago.

But right now the Sox are playing the worst baseball in the league. They are actually playing some of the worst ball they've ever played under Ozzie Guillen.

Last season the Sox started off slow. They struggled from series to series, but the worst streak hey put together in the first 4 months was a 4 game losing streak.

They have currently dropped 7 straight. But as part of the 7 in a row, the Sox have not led in 5 straight. 49 straight innings without a lead.

All In? Got to make a change. I'm not talking about moving Adam Dunn to 5th in the lineup. I'm talking about something big. Something huge.

Obviously I'm calling for Greg Walker's head. But I would not be opposed to a trade, or a release of someone who most consider a part of the roster, or even as far as giving Guillen the axe.

I want something to shake things up. No, I don't want them to fire Ozzie, and nor have I ever. But they MUST do something. They cannot keep wilting away night in and night out.

Jerry Reinsdorf's pocket book is on the line right now. But what that really means, is that Kenny, Ozzie, and every guy wearing a Sox uniform is playing for their job this season.

"All In" means doing anything you can to win. ANYTHING. And as the Sox keep slipping, and doing nothing, the climb is getting tougher and tougher.

So prove you are really "All In" and do something. Or else this slogan will go down as the biggest sham since "These Kids Can Play."

**Note: They couldn't.**

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