Saturday, April 2, 2011

Stay Healthy Carlos

The Sox win again in large part due to the torrid pace Carlos Quentin has started the season on.

Quentin has 7 RBI on 3 doubles, 1 homerun and 1 single. His hitting .625 and his slugging percentage is 1.375.

Carlos was killing the baseball in Spring where he hit .328 with 5 homers.

Quentin is a streaky hitter, but many of the shifts in streak have been based on his health.

If Quentin can stay healthy, there is no reason why this guy can't be a key piece of the puzzle that is the 2011 Sox. With a healthy, hitting, Quentin, along with Dunn, Konerko, and the way Beckham has started, the 8 runs the Sox scored this afternoon may become more of a norm than a surprise.

This team has surprised many with the number of runs they've scored, and their near unbeatable look on the field. But the way the Sox are playing can easily continue as long as they keep working counts, using the entire field, and have a healthy Carlos Quentin.

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