Friday, April 1, 2011

Sox Hitting or Indians Pitching?

In the first 4 innings of baseball this afternoon the Sox dropped a 14 spot on the Indians. The question is, was this because of good Sox hitting or bad pitching from Carmona and Germano?

The answer for me is overwhelmingly good White Sox hitting.

In the past, the Sox have been a team that can put runs on the board. Crooked numbers have never been an anomaly on the South Side. But the way the Sox did it today was a little different.

Starting in the first inning. Pierre saw 5 pitches before singling on an 0-2 count. Beckham saw 7 pitches before doubling with a 1-2 count. Dunn struck out, but saw 6 pitches. Konerko singled after seeing 6 pitches and a 2 strike count. And finally Quentin singled after 6 pitches and a 2 strike count.

Four 2-strike hits. Two 2 strike RBI's. 36 pitches in the first inning. Carmona was not struggling. The Sox were just making him work.

The 3rd inning, the Sox did it again. By the end of the 3rd, Carmona had thrown 75 pitches.

That is what led to the explosive 8 run fourth. Carmona was far from bad today. And that's why he was in there for so long. The Sox just wore him out. And eventually got to him in a big way.

Eight 2-strike hits in total, and the Sox were 9 for 15 with RISP.

That's winning baseball, and a sign of an offense that might be potent.

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