Saturday, April 2, 2011

You Asked For A Hot Start

2 games into the season the Sox are 2-0. And 2 games into the season, we already have beat writers talking 5-0 or better.

With one more with the Indians (which very well might get rained out), and then a quick two gamer in Kansas City. It's not unlikely to think the South Siders can be 5-0.

Taking it one step further, the Sox have great pitching matchups in each game of the next 3.

John Danks vs. Justin Masterson
Gavin Floyd vs. Luke Hochevar
Mark Buehrle vs. Jeff Francis

All 3 are not only favorable, but VERY favorable.

Just keep hitting, and this team is easily 5-0 when returning home for the opener.

Ozzie wanted to sell tickets by winning, and winning early. They've done a great job of it thus far, but need to stay focused.

Even though it looks like the Sox should be able to keep on with the hot start, they have got to keep doing the things they have been. A problem in the past has been not being able to beat the Indians and the Royals. And that means every game, including the third one of a series.

Bear down tomorrow and let's get to 3-0. then we'll worry about 4,5,6 and hopefully many more on from there.

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