Sunday, April 24, 2011

Learn From the Past

The White Sox are now 8-14. The record is a game worse than they were last year when they started off 8-13. Like last year, fans, blogs, and media called for the heads of everyone from Ozzie to Kenny, to Walk to Coop. And yet, nothing happened, the Sox got hot in the middle of June, and eventually climbed all the way into first.

But last year, the Sox ended up finishing the season in 2nd place with an 88-74 record and went into the offseason wanting to make changes.

A few changes were made. And the Sox declared themselves "All In" for the 2011 campaign.

Yet they have started out in a similar fashion, and will probably end up in the same place.

Unless... they do something about it.

The team is almost identical to last year. They couldn't hit, and the bullpen was shaky at best (though better last year than this one) Starting pitching is good, but no matter what they do, they can't get the help to win.

Game in and game out it's the same script. Give up a run, lose the game. the Sox are on a 20 inning scoreless streak. They have not held the lead AT ALL during 7 of the last 8 games.

Yet nothing changes. Ozzie is doing his best in mixing up the lineup. Pretty much everyone has had a shot, and yet nothing is happening.

So someone needs to step up. From a fan prospective, it would be nice to see something happen publicly. Send someone down, trade somebody, fire a coach, something.

But what is much more likely, and what really needs to happen, is someone needs to make a change behind the scenes. Someone has to step up.

The team needs something to hang their hats on. Everyone wear tighty whities instead of boxers. Show up to the building in suits. Bring in a prop that has some sort of meaning behind it, ridiculous or not. I don't know. JUST DO SOMETHING.

The Sox are now 5.5 games out of first. And just 4 games behind the team that just swept you. All is not lost. Sure the last 10 games have been crap. And yes, every single person's stats aren't where they'd like em.

So stop sitting back and taking like a (I'll hold off on the simile). And stand up and make a change.



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