Monday, April 25, 2011

Wins A Win, But

Winner winner chicken dinner. The Sox are back in the right column. But look what it took to get there.

It took a near no hitter from your 5th starter.

It took a nerve-racking 8th and 9th innings as you tested your new closer.

It took a double that was nearly caught, followed by 2 ground outs that could have been line outs.

But it all added up to a win.

Finally someone stepped up for this team. And that someone was Phil Humber.

But there are still major problems.

The Sox have still only scored 15 runs over their past 8 games. 9 of the 15 came in 1 win. The Sox still only got 5 hits in their 30 AB's.

They need to start hitting. NEED.

We'll take this one. And it might go a long way in discovering the eventual closer of this team. But we can't get too excited, and cannot even come close to thinking we've turned it around.

The pitching was there tonight. The defense was there tonight. The hitting was not. 2 out of 3 will win a lot of games. But when 1 phase will ALWAYS not be there, it's incredibly difficult to sustain.

The hitters have got to come around. That's the only way this team can get going.

Nice win today, but the lack of hitting is still a real problem.

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