Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Help A Brother Out

Mark Buehrle was the 4th consecutive Sox starter to go out and throw an absolute gem against one of the most explosive offenses in the AL.

Yet not 1 of the starters has gotten more than 3 runs of support.

Even though the Sox have won 2 of those 4 games, they are going to need to start scoring some runs to relieve the pressure on these guys.

Hawk always talks about "pressure pitches" or a "pressure pitch count." When game are within 1 or 2 runs, every pitch is a pressure packed one. Same goes when your team is down.

Humber was awesome. But every single pitch he threw, he was in danger of losing the ballgame for his team. Same goes for Gavin.

For Buehrle and Danks, they doth threw a bad pitch early, and all of a sudden they have to be perfect from there on in, or else they have no chance (and in both their cases, even perfect wasn't enough).

Not hitting stinks. Obviously it's bad because it's hard to win games when you consistently put zeros on the board. But it's even worse because of the toll it puts on your pitching staff.

The Sox pitching is good. I mean real good. And they are going to be unbelievable when they can get some support. But if the offense keeps taxing them all like this, they are going to run out of gas soon...

And we all know what gas costs now a days.

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