Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Super Lilli

I asked for someone to step up. And it came from the absolute most unlikely of all places.

Not only from one of the most unlikely players, but also in the craziest way.

I cannot ever think of a time where the player of the game is unquestionable a pinch runner. And not for his pinch running. And not for coming up with a big hit 3 innings after running. But for his defense. IN RIGHT FIELD.

Brent Lillibridge made not 1, but 2 game saving catches in right field. Instead of the E7's and the blown saves we've grown so accustomed, turned straight on it's head.

2 magnificent plays, and 2 consecutive saves from the same guy.

But what I loved most about the way this game ended, were the reactions of the White Sox players. Lilli punched the ground in excitement, AJ jumped like a 9 year old, Konerko even gave a big fist pump.

You finally saw some life in the eyes of the Sox. On the Konerko HR it looked like Quentin was going to pull a muscle with his fist pump.

The Sox looked like a team. They looked like they cared. They looked like they could see the light at the end of this poor play tunnel.

And it came at the hands of 2 huge defensive plays, 1 massive HR, and a whale of a pitching performance from Gavin Floyd.

That's the kind of game Sox fans were hoping they would get to see all year. And hopefully it's the first of many great wins.

Oh yeah, and all of this came on the biggest stage in baseball, at Yankee Stadium.

Tonight was fun... now let's keep it going.

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