Saturday, April 30, 2011

An Embarrassment

Chicago is a city that boasts a semifinal football team, a basketball team with a legitimate to win the title, and a hockey team that's defending champs and almost pulled a 0-3 upset in round one this year.

It's also home to the sorriest team Major League Baseball has. The White Sox have now lost 4 in a row. They've also dropped 15 of the last 19. Over that time that have been shut out 3 times, they've scored 1 or 2 runs in another 8 of these games. That's 11 games out of 19 they scored 2 or fewer. And just 2 that they've eclipsed 5. TWO.

I honestly feel bad for each and every Sox fan. Myself included. Each an every night we keep coming back. My friend (Alex922107 from Twitter) said it best, "I get the feeling the White Sox are like that ex girlfriend you know is bad for you but you keep going back to"

I feel bad for the coaches who probably have to feel about as hopeless as the fans.

I feel horrible for Kenny Williams and Jerry Reinsdorf who have given their "All" to make this team competitive.

I feel bad for anyone who has to cover this team for a living. Actually I feel bad for anyone who has anything to do with this sorry team.

The White Sox are NOT a poorly run organization. They have a great owner. They have a star General Manager. The manager is a World Series Champ and a one-of-a-kind baseball mind. I can go on and on.

But right now, the product on the field is letting everyone down. Not one person can be proud of being a part of the White Sox organization. No one.

So what to do? Well, at this time, nothing. I've been vocal about saying we need to fire a coach. Or send a player down. Or do do something else radical. But right now, I really don't think any of it would help.

The Sox are pathetic at three out of the four phases of the game of baseball. Hitting, Fielding, and Bullpen, all would are receiving flunking grades.

So right now, the only thing to do is wait it out. Hope that the law of averages will even everything out. Because you can't change everything, so the best thing might actually just be to change nothing.

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