Monday, May 2, 2011

The Only Thing Worse

The only thing worse than the Sox are the Minnesota Twinks.

As bad as we know the Sox have been, amazingly the Twinks are actually playing worse than the Sox. The Twinks are on a 6 game skid. And are somehow a half game behind the Sox.

The Twinks are hitting .230. Sox? .240.

How about pitching? Twinks ERA 5.06. Sox? 4.44.

Suddenly you don't feel so bad about how the Sox are playing huh?

Well. Something has to give in this brief two game set on the South Side.

Tonight the Sox finally looked like a Major League Team. It's been more than a week (last Sunday) since the Twinks have looked any good.

Yet somehow, I have a feeling this will come back as an important series. If 1 team wins both games, it could be a huge jump off point. Would it surprise you if in September it's Sox vs. Twinks for the division title? Me neither.

So these are big games. Yes the Sox are playing poorly. Yes the Twinks are playing poorly. But these games count. These games are important. And these games could easily go a long wayu for whoever wins them.

The pitching matchups are pretty even. Struggling Liriano vs. struggling Edwin Jackson. Then tough luck Danks vs. struggling Nick Blackburn.

Either team can win both of these games. But the Sox actually seem to have the upper hand... somehow. I'm not exactly sure how, but they really do. Now let's just hope they can couple it into a pair of wins, and begin to turn this damn thing around.

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