Sunday, August 9, 2009

Ozzie Vows Payback for Sox Batters Being Hit

I commented yesterday about how I was going to write a post about the fact that too many Sox hitters were being hit, and I was going to say that I'm sick of it and I wish we would throw back at some people.

I also wanted to talk about how Hawk needs to relax about the whole thing and just let it play out. I don't know that it's really his place to tell pitchers to hit batters, and I certainly don't care that 40 years ago the game wasn't like this. I get it Hawk, everyone was much tougher back then and people didn't take crap. Well guess what, times have changed. Deal with it.

But now the tone of what I want to say has totally changed. I am not happy with Ozzie coming out and saying what he said today. There is no reason for him to say "we will retaliate." Don't say it. Stop backing down and go actually do it. Don't bring Jenks in immediately, bring someone else in and hit someone.

Now that he has said what he said, he is putting himself in the guillotine the first time we do hit someone. Even if someone does it on accident, that guy will be gone, Ozzie will be gone, and suspensions will follow. Stop talking and act. I'm sick of this crap that he pulls with the media. No one cares what you say, it's what you do. Sure it may get ESPN all hyped up, it may get the fans riled up, but the players could care less. You can lay down threat after threat, but until someone sees a 95 MPH Pena fastball coming at their chin, no one will respect your stance.

Maybe a fight is what this team needs to band together and star constantly playing like they should. But I know what won't help, saying we will hit people and never actually do it. Action speak louder than words. Stop backing down, start plunking guys.

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