Sunday, August 9, 2009

Cubs, Wells get rocked, but I have good news

Today's game can be forgotten right away. I said last night I finally felt good about Wells, which means he would be rocked. It wasn't pretty and his ROY chances took a big hit. In fact the only good thing that happened today was Milton Bradley's 4-5 effort at the plate. Milton is now hitting .266 with a .401 on-base percentage. The move to hitting second has certainly served him well.

The three errors by the team weren't very good. Its the second game in a row where they played with their heads up their butts. Who knows why the entire team has gone stupid all the sudden, but lets hope it stops right now. Defense is always needed, but especially so when the pitchers are struggling and the offense is in its fail mode. The infielders need to remember how to field a grounder, and the outfielders need to stop playing so freaking deep (I'm looking at you Fukudome). 

Lets ignore the bad now and move on to some good news. Ted Lilly is expected back August 17, Z August 23. Hopefully they both come back ready to pitch and the DL trips got their arms nice and rested for the playoff race. Keep that in your head when you watch Jeff Samardzija get lit up.

Another positive is the upcoming schedules for the teams the Cubs are chasing in the Wild Card race. Let the record show I am by no means giving up on winning the division, but pointing out that there is a fall back plan that should be in our favor.

Rockies- 10 vs. Giants; 6 vs. Dodgers, 3 games each against STL, and Florida
Giants- 10 vs Rockies, 9 vs Dodgers, 4 vs Cubs, and 3 with Philly

The Cubs weak schedule down the stretch means we should be able to jump on top of the Wild Card standings and the NL Central standings. None of that happens without the defense waking up and the pitching staff getting healthy.

Tomorrow this four game series wraps up with Tom Gorzelanny trying to be good again vs Jorge DeLaRosa. I don't want to call it a must win, so I'll call it a "I strongly prefer we win this game because St. Louis is playing the Johnny Cueto tries to get his ERA over 5 when it was just under 3 a month ago." Have fun digesting that.

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