Sunday, August 2, 2009

Inability to Sweep Continues to Haunt Sox

For the 4th time this season the Sox have gone into the final game of a home series looking to complete a sweep. And for the 4th time this season the Sox lose the game.

Of course this one is not that hard to swallow because this was a 4 game set and the Sox did take it to the AL leading Yankees each of the first 3 games. But it is just starting to get a little bit frustrating to see time and time again the Sox fail when they can sweep a team. Most of the time Ozzie throws a lineup out there that is not the best we can field. Today was no different.

Nix and Castro both got starts today (Alexei is hurt, but he could have played today), and they both came up in a key situation in the 7th. Getz led off with a triple and Nix and Castro were unable to get the run in, even with the infield back. Run would have put the Sox within 2, eventually within 1 after the events of the next inning.

So now we move on with the off day tomorrow and the red-hot Angels of Anaheim coming in. Pitching matchups are a little skewed in the Angels direction, but not too heavily. After the Angels come and go the schedule gets substantially easier for the Sox. Cleveland, Seattle, Oakland, Kansas City, and Baltimore are the next 5 teams the Sox play.

These next 2 weeks will be key for the Sox because of that, but what's nice is that we don't need to use these weeks to win the division, instead we just need to use them to position ourselves. With Peavy well on his way back, the Sox will become the favorites come late August. If they are within 2 or 3 games of first when he comes back, there's no excuse why they shouldn't win the division.

More info on Peavy to come.

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