Sunday, August 2, 2009

Peavy, Alexei Health Update

Alexei is a lot closer to being on the field than Peavy is, but there is good news on both fronts.

I'll start with Peavy because I think people care a lot more about what's going on with him than with Alexei. Peavy threw off the bullpen mound at the Cello today. He threw 50 pitches and says he threw every pitch in his arsenal many times. He continues to say that he is feeling better each day and that today's session he was 100% pain free. His main concern at this point is to get his strength back to midseason form.

The latest estimation was late August to very early September. However Ozzie made a comment about how he expects to see him in the rotation in sometime during the 11 game road trip against Boston, New York, Minnesota, and the Cubs, but wouldn't be surprised to see him back earlier. If I had to guess I'd say he'll be back before then. If he is 100% now, and it is just about getting strength back, there's no reason why he can't hit the rehab hard and get himself in shape in the next week or two.

I'm going to guess August 19th against Kansas City. Post your guess in the comments section, winner gets a shout out in the post about him starting. (Price is Right rules apply, you go over, you lose)

Now for Alexei. His ankle is fine. The X-Rays were negative, he barely had any treatment on the ankle at all after the night of the injury. He could have possibly played today. He will probably be back on Tuesday, but to be safe I'm going to guess Wednesday.