Friday, July 31, 2009

White Sox Acquire Peavy Again, This Time For Real

It appears that Jake Peavy is officially a part of the White Sox organization. Poreda, Richard, Adam Russell, and Dexter Carter were the pieces involved. This is an awesome move for the Sox if it is indeed true, which I'm 99% sure it is.

The Sox did not give up 1 critical piece from the current major league team, and they have gotten a former Cy Young. We are not sure about the health of Peavy, but he had to have passed a physical to get the trade approved, so he must be either OK or really close. Even if he is out for an extended period of time, he is signed through 2013. This is a great move healthy or not. But I thought you had to be healthy to be moved at the deadline. We will have to see.

This instantly makes the Sox the favorites to win the Central. Even with the Washburn and Cabrera deals, the Sox got a better player today than both of them. I'm not sure what changed Peavy's mind, but all signs point to this deal officially being done. WOW.


  1. I am still in shock. I cannot believe that they got him!!!! AMAZING!!!!

  2. The Cabrera deal is nothing in my opinion, Washburn was good, Peavy was better. Hopefully he can pitch this year, but he's under contract for a while so we should have a very strong rotation for a few years to come.

  3. I am so excited to see him in the SoxStripes. This is awesome. YES.