Friday, July 31, 2009

Sox Now Officially Stand Pat At Deadline

For the first time in recent history Kenny Williams does not make a move when his team is in the thick of the pennant race. The Sox have decided to stand pat with the current roster while division rivals Detroit and Minnesota made moves to improve.

Yesterday I was fine with the Sox not planning on making any moves, but now that the Twins and Tigers upgraded it feels like the lost today. I know we already got Kotsay, Pena, and Castro, but I still think we may be a little short. We could use another arm in the bullpen, we could use another starter, and we probably could have used another bat. None of these things happened.

Now we just have to hope that this message is received loud and clear to the current guys. Kenny and the rest of the front office have said that they are happy with the team they have and they trust they can win the division with these guys. The fans are not really sending the same message. It is up to the ballclub themselves to prove one side or the other right. Everyone is hoping we make the postseason, but I'm with the rest of the fan base, I just don't think we have it. I really hope they prove me wrong. Let's start doing it right now fellas.

EDIT - Wait a minute here. It looks like the Sox have indeed acquired Peavy. This is crazy. I'll keep you posted.

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