Friday, July 10, 2009

Unusual Game, Same Result in Minnesota

Nothing new in the Twinkeedome for the Sox tonight. Disastrous start coupled with a strong opponent usually leads to failure. And tonight was not any different.

The first inning was a train wreck. Danks walks the first four hitters, then gives up a double and a single. Only to pick a guy off, strike a guy out, and get a pop out to "escape" and only allow 4 runs. It wasn't nearly as bad as it could have been but still 4 runs before getting an out is incredibly draining on a team. However, Danks was great from then on. He got 9 in a row out after the terrible start and ended up putting in 5 and a third giving up just the 4 runs from the first.

The hitting did the best they could in the game. They scratched 4 runs across on Blackburn, and if not for a few great plays probably would have scored a few more. So you can't be too upset with this loss except for the fact that for 2 days in a row the hitters have been behind a giant 8 ball before they could blink. Both times they fought out of the hole that was dug but neither game could they get all the way out and take a lead. Therefore those games both go down as tallies in the wrong column.

You would want to look positively at the remainder of this series, but that's really hard to do. The matchups would seem to favor the Sox in each game, but I'd honestly be surprised if the Sox win either. When things turn from coincidence to trend you can't against them and hope to be successful. So until the Sox actually win a few in Minnesota I'm not going to feel confident about the games.

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