Friday, July 10, 2009

Random Number of Random Thoughts

1. The NL Rookie of the Year
At this point its obvious (to me) that the NL Rookie of the Year race is down to three people. Colby Rasmus of STL, Tommy Hanson of the Braves, and of course our very own Randy Wells. I would probably rank them in that order right now, simply because Rasmus and Hanson have the hype machine while Wells' work is really only recognized by Cubs fans who have nothing else to be happy about right now. I'll take Hanson to win it in the end, but hopefully Wells can start getting some national recognition for his fine work this season.

2. Ted Lilly Game Selections in Chicago
As you can probably tell the Cubs got Ted Lilly to represent them in the upcoming game that gathers starts from across baseball and puts them on the field together. Formally known as the All Star Game, Ted's selections caused the renaming of the event in his honor. Mark Buehrle is the Sox representative, and that is another well deserved selection.
I really don't think another player from either team deserved to go. There was the chance that Soriano got voted in, but thankfully that didn't happen. Ozzie had a list of guys he thought should have been on the team, but third place teams don't get more than one guy. Both teams have the right amount and right guy going to the game.

3. Mark DeRosa
I know I swore never to talk about him again, but whatever. DeRo is helping the Cubs again this time by tearing his wrist up and going on the DL just three games into his Cardinal career. This after going 0-9 at the plate. Now Chris Perez isn't really helping Cleveland's bullpen so this trade is a major loss for both teams right now. That doesn't mean both guys won't help out later, but for right now fans of both teams can't be thrilled by the trade.

4. What to do at second base?
A lot of people, myself included, thought Mike Fontenot would be ready to play every day and be a productive guy at second base. Of course we are all wrong. Fontenot isn't capable of hitting left handed pitching and has to be a platoon guy. Odds are we won't have a solution this season (no Jeff Baker and/or Aaron Miles doesn't do it for me) but hopefully this offseason second base is somewhere Jim Hendry takes a hard look at. Ideally Ryan Theriot moves back to second and a good shortstop comes on the market and the Cubs can get him.
That won't be happening though. Second base will have to be addressed with a long term solution this offseason. I can't watch Fontenot and Miles for another season.

5. Trading Deadline?
Nothing much to say about this. Getting a second baseman or a shortstop would be okay. But no good ones are out there. With ownership up in the air and the budget full, don't expect much from the Cubs.
The Cards and Brewers both have expressed interest in Roy Halladay though. He would be a big get, but will cost quite a bit. The Brewers have the prospects, but are they willing to give them up? The Cardinals would probably have to part with somebody on the big club. The White Sox also were mentioned as a possible destination. Any talks there would have to start with Gordon Beckham and most of the Peavy pitchers. A guy as good as Halladay is probably worth all the prospects any team has to give up, but when it comes to guys from the big club I would be hesitant.

6. Will the Cubs ever be healthy?
I'm starting to think the answer to that is no. For two nights this season the full ideal (in Lou's mind) team has been together. Opening night and Aramis' first game back. Now that Dempster is out for a long time with a broken toe and Geo strained his oblique (yes this is 100% an injury that comes from being fat).
Just another thing that makes me shake my head and say- This F*#*@%$ team.

7. Soriano's Comments
Greg already touched on it, but I'll add my two cents here. Alfonso said a not so smart thing, but I don't think anybody should make a big deal out of it. My theory is this- we all know Alfonso enjoys the nightlife. It isn't a big deal because he doesn't let it interfere with his playing, and I think he was mad because he missed the chance to go out and have fun. Really all his extra-curricular activities have done is produce some photos on Deadspin. Don't get bent out of shape about it.

8. Rich Harden
I understand that Harden was supposed to be the "missing ace" (that goes in quotes because Z is in fact an ace) to help the Cubs in the playoffs last year. He was pitching like an ace last season until September/October when his arm was probably worn out, since he isn't able to pitch more than about 125 innings a season. In my uninformed opinion Harden is suffering from pitching too many times in a row. His arm just can't take it, and it's really showing this season. He is no longer capable of keeping the team in the game, and really I would suggest that he goes into a platoon starting situation where he only starts every other turn in the rotation.

9. Home Run Derby
This year's derby is sure to generate some excitement with a stud cast of NL sluggers. Albert Pujols, Adrian Gonzalez, Prince Fielder, and Ryan Howard will surely put on a show. The AL sends Joe Mauer, and according to Brandon Inge- Brandon Inge will also take place. I haven't seen the other two guys in the AL, but really the potential winners are all there. Pujols will be the favorite for many reasons, but Busch doesn't favor a lefty or righty hitter. Joe Mauer has that kind of swing that makes me think he can go on a Josh Hamilton type run. Same with Gonzalez.
I'll guess Mauer wins it, and I'm guessing that I'll be the only person outside of Minnesota that doesn't take Pujols.

10. Booing at Wrigley
For some reason booing the home team offends a number of fans, and I don't just mean St. Louis fans. There is no shame in booing when you see a crap product on the field. When you see Alfonso drop a popup, or see Aaron Heilman walk an entire lineup, or even when they finally get the third out of an inning. Boo away fans, because I'm doing it to my TV.

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  1. 1. If Randy Wells is the rookie of the year then I have met the past two ROTY in their rookie year. I think Wells is a great candidate. He needs to be recognized by more than just Cub fans. However in the end, I think Hanson will take the cake.

    2. No Cubs save for Lilly (and possibly Randy) deseved to go. It's a swift kick in the face to go from NL record 8 allstars to having a coach select our player. But Lilly has made a case for himself all year and has pitched fantastically. And if Soriano got voted in.. I would've had to kick some asses. I want the NL to win it this year. I don't wanna see Sori stink up the place.

    3. Mark DeRosa... I have nothing to say here. *shakes head*

    4. I also agree that we don't have a great 2B situation. But I don't think Theriot should be moved to second at all. He feels comfortable at SS and that's where he should stay (I am completely biased b/c I am one of the biggest Theriot fans out there. I've been watching him play ball since freshman year at LSU). Miles need to be let go... like now. And don't even know why we picked up Jeff Baker. I'd like to see Andres in at 2B.

    5. Here I will shake my head again, *shakes head*. Jim Hendry is too much of a (excuse my french) puss to make anything big happen for this ballclub. It's doubtful he's going to make anything happen to help us out this year. And Halladay as a Card or part of the Crew is a scary one for the Cubs and possibly a season ending one.

    6. No.

    7. Sori needs to get over himself and quick. I am so tired of him. The less I see and hear from him the better.

    8. Rich Harden has been in the dog house. We can't even afford to take him out of the rotation with Demp down now. Our starting pitching situation is comical.

    9. I'm pulling for Joe Mauer all the way. I'm a huge M&M fan. Love the twins. And as good as Pujols is.. I can see Joe taking the crown on this one. It's going to be a really good HR Derby.

    10. I hate booing. All sorts of it. Whether it's for your team or the other team. It's just something I don't like.

    Stephanie aka cubsjunkie