Saturday, July 11, 2009

Morning Cubs and Sox Links

Well the Cubs redefined the issues of the season yesterday. They managed to combine poor hitting, poor pitching, poor defense, and Aaron Heilman. Do that in a game and you will lose every time. 
Sox got off to a bad start and actually came back, but Joe Mauer got the big hit.

Game recaps. Here (seriously Alfonso you have to look at the ball to catch it), Here, Here, and Here.

Geo is fat, and because of that he hurt himself and will be out a month. Read all about it. 

The Tribune has postgame audio. Hopefully they keep providing this. 

The corner outfielders suck, the attempted solution is days off. 

Why does the lineup suck? Let the Sun-Times make a guess. 

ESPN-Chicago writes a Soriano story

Sox recaps. Don't let Mauer beat you says Ken. I agree. Here, and here

Ozzie would like to see Jermaine Dye stay a White Sox past this season

Sox rotation updates. Here and here

Light on Sox stuff because the Herald doesn't send a reporter on the road for either team and it doesn't appear the Sun-Times sent somebody either.

Can't Imagine this makes many STL people happy. 

Send me Sox blogs you like to read so I can link to them.

Cubs Blogs (after you read TCB of course)

Finally for and hardcore stats people, or even just people who like to think about stats, there is a new system being developed that is being called the biggest development to baseball stats since the box score. Read all about it

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