Thursday, July 23, 2009

Random Number of Random Thoughts

1. Mark Buehrle
At work this afternoon a co-worker informed me excitedly that Buehrle was working on a perfect game, it was in the seventh inning. 20 minutes later history was made and included what can only be described by an orgasm by Hawk Harrelson. Much congrats to a great pitcher for accomplishing a very cool and very rare feat. 
On the other hand lets not get stupid about this either. Yes the win tied the Sox for first place, and they may in fact go on to win the division, but it wasn't because of a perfect game. Some might have thought after Big Z threw a no-hitter that the Cubs were destined to win the World Series, three games against the Dodgers later they were home playing golf. Enjoy the moment, but don't turn it into something it isn't. 

2. Randy Wells
A few weeks after saying he should be getting notice as a potential ROY, Wells has developed a concerning pattern. His last two starts have been very mediocre and have included some very dumb pitching. Ignoring Ryan Ludwick after getting Pujols out cost Wells a win. The Nationals game he got a win despite pitching like crap the first couple of innings. Wells needs to make an adjustment and make sure he concentrates on all the batters in the lineup and not just the big names.
This is especially true against the Reds tomorrow, because (and mark my words I will regret typing this next sentence) Joey Votto is the only batter to really fear in the Reds lineup. Brandon Phillips is dangerous, but he can be gotten out easily with the right pitches. Other than they there is a pile of nothing. Wells needs to still concentrate on those other hitters, last thing we need is Chris Dickerson having a career game because Wells is too worried about Votto.

3. This is still a .500 team
They were able to maul the Nationals, but the Cubs showed against Philly that they are a middle of the road team that will hover around the .500 mark all season. The bullpen gets stronger as the starting pitching goes through a tough spell. The hitting still isn't there. Scoring 11 runs in a game doesn't mean it's back either. Quite frankly the first two games in Philly are more telling than the last one. This team isn't capable of beating the elite teams in baseball be it in the regular season or the playoffs. 

4. The Phillies on the other hand
Now that is a team. Philly has one of the best lineups in baseball, and in my opinion are a Roy Halladay trade away from being the best team in baseball and the favorite to win the World Series. That lineup is sick- Rollins and Victorino are perfect 1-2 hitters. Utley, Howard, and Ibanez are awesome middle of the order complements. Add Werth and Feliz and you have a barrage of hitters that will beat even the best pitchers into submission. 

5. Troy Glaus to play left?
With the potential trade for Matt Holliday, this seems like more of a moot point. Still knowing how Tony LaRussa doesn't value defense and plays almost every player at all positions, Glaus will more than likely see some time in left field when he returns. His bat is important to the Cardinals lineup, more-so if they don't have Holliday, but still important. He can't throw from third to first right now, and the lack of DH makes this kind of move necessary. 

6. Dan Haren
Look at his stats. This is your NL Cy Young winner. It isn't even close. That's all I have to say about that.

7. Jason Marquis
A lot has been made by Steve Stone lately about the Cubs letting Jason Marquis go and how he now leads baseball in wins. Of course Steve is slightly bitter (not that I really blame him, just something to always keep in mind) and he is the leader of the Milton Bradley hate group, but Marquis shouldn't be missed Cubs fans. Sure he has 12 wins, but he is doing it in a park (Coors Field) that he always does his best in. He is in his contract year, and I still don't know that I would rather have him than the healthy starting 5 the Cubs have (Z, Ted, Wells, Harden, Dumpster). 

8. Lou still wants lefty power
What a joke. Lou's obsession with left handed power exists even when he has it. Last season Jim Edmonds was exactly what Lou wanted, and he was still asking for it. Guess what Lou, it doesn't matter what hand a guy plays baseball with, it matters that he performs. I seriously wish we could let the whole left hand thing go, and just put out the best lineup the team can. If that means letting Milton hit righty all the time than so be it. Sitting around begging for a left handed hitter while Jake Fox sits on your bench is just plain stupid.

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