Monday, July 13, 2009

Morning Cubs and Sox Links

The Ted Lilly Break is upon us. Both teams go into the break with room for improvement. The Sox lost to the Twins in an afternoon slugfest. 

Cubs win behind Big Z in Game 1. Trib. AP. MLB. ST. Herald

Cubs lose due to lack of offense again in Game 2. Randy Wells being stupid didn't help. MLB.

Ted Lilly thinks he has more to learn about pitching. I can only imagine how good more knowledge could make Ted. 

Z got his choice of game to start, but wanted Randy Wells to pitch on National TV. Real nice move by Z. 

If you missed Ron Santo in the booth, he will return after the Ted Lilly Break. 

The Cubs are looking at former Blue Jay closer BJ Ryan. I say no thank you. 

Lou uses his mind and makes a fun move. 

Sox recaps. Not much fun to read though. AP. Tribune. MLB

Question for the guy on twitter telling us Ted Lilly is "FAR from an all-star". What does that make Buehrle who has almost identical stats?

Josh Field's future is "dicey"

The Sox healthy bullpen should help in the second half. 

I'll still pass on any Ted Lilly Game links that I find during the break. Don't forget to join us for the live chat tonight for the Home Run Derby.

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