Sunday, July 12, 2009

Can't Keep Digging Holes

What is the most frustrating this about these last few games is that the hitting has been there. In the past when the Sox hit the ball they win the game. That has not been the case as of late. They crawled out of a 9-2 deficit to come within one Thursday, overcame a 4-0 deficit only to let go of that game, and then today found their way back into a game they trailed 8-2 in the house of horrors.

The problem is that you cannot continue to ask this much out of the hitters. They did so much to come back in each of these games, but that extra hit to take them over the top was just never there. There were chances in the finale against Cleveland, the game was tied at a point Friday, and then today in the 7th one hit from Pods, Alexei, or Dye and the Sox are right there. They just couldn't ever get that hit. And that's probably because they worked so hard to get it to that point that to ask for that one more hit is just too much.

Lucky for the Sox the trip to Minnesota is over, the break is here, and every player on the roster gets to go home and relax (yes even Buehrle he lives in STL). This is an opportunity to regroup, clear the minds of both the pitchers and the hitters and come back after the break rejuvenated and ready to rock and roll.

Baltimore is next on tap for the Sox followed by 8 key games against the Rays and Tigers. The first series will be key to the Sox success in the second half. The Orioles are not a good team but they also are not horrible. The Sox need to start off strong and carry that momentum into the rest of the second half. Quentin should be back, the rotation should be in line, and the division will be there for the taking. Start strong to finish strong.

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