Monday, July 13, 2009

What To Do With Sox Post-Break Rotation

I think the decision of who pitches when is pretty simple. Of course that's in my own little world where everything works out how I want it to. If I had my way it would go as follows starting Friday with Buehrle, then Floyd, Danks, Poreda/Carrasco, Contreras.

It does seem a little weird that Buehrle would be pitching in back-to-back games for the Sox, but I don't see why not. Buehrle would be on regular rest, he is coming off a bad outing which he normally rebounds from, and is the Sox best guy after all. I originally thought that Mark should get a few days off to return home and rejoin the team a little late after the break, but then I realized that home for Buehrle is where the All Star Game is. He does have to go to the Derby Monday, and the Game Tuesday but he is not going to pitch in the game and he should be able to relax during the whole week.

The reason I have Floyd 2nd and Danks 3rd is because I would like to see the Sox split up the righties and lefties. I would have thought it would have been nice to set it up so Floyd pitches against Detroit, but with the Twins right behind the Tigers on the Sox schedule so every start is key so theres no reason to line matchups up weeks down the road.

I really want Poreda or Carrasco to get the next start in Richard's spot, but I'm afraid this isn't going to happen. Everything I've seen from Ozzie is that he wants to give Richard another spot, and he sites "no other choice" as the reasoning. I disagree that he doesn't have another choice. The other choice is to pick one (Carrasco or Poreda) stratch him out over the next week. Frankly I'm just getting sick of Richard in the roatation. He's 3 of his last 4 decisions and has allowed at least 3 runs without getting through 6 in all but 2 of his last 8 starts. I just think it's time to make a change.

But as we all know I don't run the show, so it's really anyone's guess what Ozzie will decide to do. I'll keep you updated on the plans and my thoughts about those plans.

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