Monday, July 20, 2009

The Chicago All-Decade Project

We got a brief preview of it this weekend when Greg made the Cubs All-Decade team. That was just one part of a larger project that I basically have been inventing and expanding on the fly since Greg first mentioned making an All-Decade team.

This project will be leaking out slowly, mostly on off-days or mornings after a day game. I've added a side-bar that will be updated with a link each time we add something.

In addition to making different "teams" the revisionist history portion should be the most fun. Basically we are going to take each Cubs season and re-write history for the best and worst case scenario of each season. Ever wonder what the story of the 2003 Cubs would have been had they won? What about 2004 sans collapse? What if Juan Cruz had to start game 1 of the 2003 Braves series? Derrek Lee never breaks his wrist, or Sammy Sosa doesn't throw a hissy fit?

Look for this more and more as the season goes on, and even into the offseason. I'm sure Ken will be adding Sox content to the project as well.

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