Monday, July 20, 2009

Quentin Back On Sox, Now How to Use Him

Finally the time has come for Carlos to be back in the bigs. But the question now is how to use him. The lineup for today has Quentin in left, Fields as the DH, and Thome out against the lefty David Price. I'm not quite sure why Quentin is not designated hitting today. I understand that the big issue with Carlos is running the bases and not playing left field, but I don't see why not DH him if you are planning on giving Thome the night of against the left-hander. Just seems a little odd to me.

Now on to the future. What I want to know is, is Carlos is now considered 100% and is going to play everyday in left, or if it's going to be a righty/lefty matchup type deal with Thome/Quentin/Fields/Wise. I would like to see Carlos just get every day in left with the occasional day off. I don't see the point of having him in the majors if you are going to be overly cautious with him. From the treatment of Beckham you can tell that Ozzie is not afraid to stick with a guy, so I would lean more towards saying it will be Quentin's spot with Wise getting the start from time to time.

All this being said, I am so excited to see Carlos back in that lineup. and it couldn't come at a better time. With the Rays coming in this week, then 4 in Detroit, 3 in Minnesota, and 3 at home with the Yanks, the Sox have some work to do to just stay above .500 in the next 14 games. With Carlos back in the lineup I think the Sox are much better prepared for the rest of the month, but we will have to see.

Welcome back Q, we missed you.

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