Monday, July 20, 2009

Morning Cubs and Sox Links

Both teams had the brooms at the ready today, and TCB would have been able to celebrate a perfect Chicago weekend. Neither starting pitcher really seemed like they wanted to win today, Kevin Hart just got lucky. On to the happy Cubs links and the not as happy Sox links.

Cubs sweep the Nationals. Tribune. ST. MLB. AP

Milton Bradley and Lou Pinella will now be teaming up to fix Milton's hitting. This is also known in Cubs world as the last straw. 

Everybody is talking about the improving Cubs bullpen. 

Ex-Cub updates 

Philly preview

Some Random Notes. 

Sox can't complete the sweep, but still got 2 of 3. Tribune. ST. DH. MLB. AP

Freddy Garcia mania. Read about it all you want. Seriously read all about it

Roy Halladay musings. More here

Ozzie talks

Sox have a tough stretch of baseball coming up. The Tribune previews step one

Richard is on watch if he can't pitch better

Sox bullpen talk. Some Aaron Poreda stuff too

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