Monday, June 15, 2009

Crosstown Classic, Someone Has to Win

Now I know I just wrote a post about how the Sox are doing better, but they still are not exactly on fire. And I have not been following the Cubs half as closely as Justin and Greg have, but they don't seem to be lighting the world on fire either. So what do we need, a face-off between the two teams. Right?

Well, someone has to win a series. Meaning either the Sox win their second consecutive series as well as their 4th consecutive road series. Or the Cubs win the series and get their first series win in their last 3. And at that the Cubs would be beating some good pitchers that the Sox are throwing out there.

So while it seems as if the last thing these two teams need to to face each other and see who can play worse, it actually will shape up really well for one team or the other when it's all said or done. But that being said, either Justin or I will probably be writing a post complaining about how bad our respective team is.

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