Monday, June 15, 2009

Cubs-Sox Preview

The two Chicago teams meet during the mid-week series at Wrigley Field to see how if they can set the record for runners left in scoring position. Perhaps the electric atmosphere that follows this series can inject life into the hitters (mostly the Cubs though). 

Tuesday- Jon Danks 4-5 4.81 ERA v. Carlos Big Z El Toro Zambrano 4-2 3.39 ERA
The best pitching matchup of the series, Big Z will try and keep his good pitching going while Jon Danks will try and build on a great start against the Tigers. Both starters are coming off their best starts of the season, and I see no reason why this won't be another 2-1 game.

Wednesday- Gavin Floyd 4-5 4.94 ERA v. Randy Wells 0-3 2.55 ERA
Still looking for his first win Randy Wells is coming off a terrible start against the Twins, but he has been awesome in his other starts. Given the White Sox struggles against pitchers they've never faced before, perhaps Wells can finally get that elusive win. I saw Floyd pitch really bad early in the season, but it appears that he has gotten somewhat back on track. Again this will probably be a low scoring game. 

Thursday- Jose Contreras 2-5 5.32 ERA v. Ryan Dempster 4-3 3.87 ERA
The two hottest pitchers not named Ted Lilly meet up in the final game of the series. Dempster has been really good lately, lowering his ERA by over a point in his last three starts. Jose Contreras has returned from a well earned minor league stint to dominate his two starts back. His track record against the Cubs isn't the greatest, but the combo of hot pitching and awful offense should benefit him.

We are looking at three days of bad baseball. Neither team is really that good at scoring runs and have some hot starting pitchers going. Simply because they have looked a bit more awake on offense I'll bet the Sox take 2 of 3, but if Geovany Soto is getting hot and maybe Soriano starts hitting the Cubs might be able to take the series.

I do sincerely apologize to the baseball world for making you watch two bad offenses (especially the Cubs) try and hit really good pitchers. 

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