Monday, June 15, 2009

The Last Thing I'll Ever Say About Mark DeRosa

While we wait for the over hyped and overvalued Crosstown Series to begin, permit me a few words about a former Cub who happened to be a pretty valuable piece to the two time division winning Cubs. Mark DeRosa was traded after two career seasons in Chicago because Jim Hendry wanted the team to be more left-handed. Ignoring the fact that he was getting rid of the teams most versatile player and only third base backup in exchange for three mediocre prospects, only one of which will probably ever sniff the bigs

As you can probably tell I'm not pleased with the move. I wasn't a big fan of it when it happened, mostly because it led to the signing of Aaron Miles. The second Aramis went down we all thought about DeRosa and why we would miss him. He could have filled in for Aramis, which would have brought Fontenot in to play second, rather than the current cluster of Scales, Fontenot, Miles, and Blanco splitting second and third. Not to mention the fact the DeRosa happens to be a good hitter.

DeRosa would lead the Cubs in RBI, batting average among starters, and second in homers. He is currently on pace to have an even better season than he did in 2008. Turns out Hendry didn't "sell high" rather he and Lou had a postseason panic attack and traded in baseball's greatest insurance policy for a far less able one and a bit of financial leverage which was blown the second Vizcaino and Gaudin got cut.

Hendry royally messed this offseason up, mostly because he let one of his most valuable assets go for a made up reason. Would the Cubs be any more than two or three games better with DeRosa? No, but they would have a reliable bat in the lineup, a solid glove at third, and a whole lot more stability. 

Unless the Cubs or another team in the Central trade for DeRosa, I won't mention him again. I promise. 

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  1. Hello my name is Justin, and I love Mark DeRosa. I weep every night on my customized Mark DeRosa pillow case. That is all.