Monday, May 11, 2009

I'm Officially Fed Up

A few days ago I commented on here (or Twitter or Facebook) saying I was losing faith in the Sox. It now official that I am truly angry at the team as a whole. I'm not by any means giving up on the season, I'm not by any means saying they are not going to bounce out of it, and I'm not saying they can't win the division. I'm saying that this "slump" has gone too far.

The pitching is garbage. The hitting is trash. The team as a whole is a different word for garbage or trash. Seemingly every day the Sox are down early. Seemingly every day the Sox are making below-average pitchers look like stars. Seemingly every day the game compounds as it goes on and there is never a real chance for the Sox to win.

It starts with pitching. You have to give the offense a chance. Buehrle gets a pass here but he only pitches once a week. Usually when the Sox go through pitching woes its in the bullpen. That's not the case right now. There have been 3 quality starts in the last 9 games. The Sox are 2-7 in those 9 games. 4 of those same 9 they have allowed less than 5 runs. This is not giving your offense a chance. In those 9 games the Sox have scored a total of 28 runs. With 3 times scoring more than 5 runs in the game. Sox pitching allowed them to win just 1 of those 3 games.

On to the hitting. It's basically a feast or famine offense right now. Either they score 6 or 7 so, or they get 1 or 2 (or get shutout). Clutch hitting has been pathetic. Fundamentals have been pathetic. Time and time again the Sox are getting guys on only to not get them over and then not get them in. It seems as though every time a guy gets on first base the ball gets slapped out to the second baseman. And then when guys are on third they can't even get the ball to the second baseman. Some people have been hitting, but no one is coming up with big hits. All in all it's just been pathetic.

But all that being said let's look at where the Sox are. They are 14-17, 3.5 games back of first, and a half game back of Minnesota for 3rd. They have scored 129 runs while allowing 150 which indicates a record that should be worse than 14-17. They are only 8-8 at home and have won only 3 of their last 10 games. This could be much worse. Much worse. The Sox are lucky to be where they are, and they need to take advantage of that.

Work on getting better starts, work on having better at-bats, and work on fundamentals. Do these simple things and this team-wide "slump" will bust. This team is too talented to sit back and watch it all go down the pooper this quickly. Have a solid week and see where you are then. Stop feeling sorry for yourselves like everyone seems to be doing.

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