Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I'm Back

With my school work mostly done, its time to get back to blogging about the Cubs. Oh so much has happened since I last had free time. Aramis Ramirez will spend the next two months out with a separated shoulder. Carlos Zambrano will be back next weekend. Derrek Lee returned from injury last night, and still sucks at baseball.

The Cubs have been playing really well despite some major injuries. Bobby Scales has some up from the minors and impressed, he hit his first homer last night. Milton Bradley has shown that he is still an awesome hitter. He hit a missile to right-center yesterday that would still be flying if the stands didn't get in the way. Rich Harden hasn't lost his arm yet, and he fought through control problems to pitch really well last night. Sean Marshall was impressive for not having good stuff on Sunday, and Ted Lilly pitches tonight (more on that in a moment). Heck even Randy Wells tossed five shutout innings in his first start.

The bullpen has still remained pathetic, Carlos Marmol is in walk mode again though he is capable of getting out of his own jams. Aaron Heilman is awful, same with Cotts and Patton. Guzman showed some signs of being good Sunday, same with Kevin Gregg. Bottom line, throw strikes and Lou won't kill you.

Ted Lilly has willed the rain out of Chicago and the Cubs will face Chris Young and the Padres. Young likes to give up stolen bases, so Soriano, Theriot, and Fukudome should have fun running tonight. Its Ted Day! Lets celebrate with a Cubs win please. 

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