Friday, May 8, 2009

Enough Already, Geez

Please dear god get Jose Contreras out of the rotation. Look at his game log...

4/10 - Sox lose 12-5
4/15 - Sox lose 9-0
4/21 - Sox lose 10-3
4/26 - Sox lose 4-3
5/2 - Sox lose 9-6
5/8 - Sox lose 6-0

Contreras is 0-5 with an ERA of 8.19. The Sox have won 0 of 6 games he has pitched. The Sox have had a chance to win 1 of the 6 games. Why in the world is this man still in the rotation, and furthermore why is he in the majors anymore? He's awful. There is no hope.

Put in Clayton, put in Poreda, put in Marquez, put in Haeger, put in Alexei, put in Ozzie, put me in for god sake. It cannot be worse than what we are seeing. From now on if Contreras starts, go to Vegas and drop your life savings on the moneyline against the Sox. In this economy it's probably safer than trying to find a real job.



  1. There was no doubt in my mind the Sox were going to lose tonight. I don't even know why people paid for a ticket. Sox fans needs to end their loyalty to Contreras - yeah they rode him to a title, but it is time to let go. He is no longer pardoned because of past performance.