Friday, May 29, 2009

By Some Small Miracle Ted Wins!

It sure looked today that Ted Lilly was going to get screwed by his offense. 6 2/3 innings of shutout baseball ended with a solo homer by Matt Kemp to give the Dodgers a 1-0 lead. Lilly finished off the next batter, but at the point I turned off the TV in disgust. I thought for sure Ted was going to get stuck with a loss because the Cubs crappy offense was unable to capitalize on multiple RISP chances. 

Then came Koyie Hill and his random magic home run. Hill hit his second homer of the season in the bottom of that seventh inning to tie the game at 1. Then the Cubs loaded the bases with one out. This is the situation that has killed us recently, I mean killed us. Thankfully Fukudome hit a flyball that scored the go-ahead run. Not the base hit that we really need more often, but at least they got the freaking sacrifice. 

Carlos Marmol struggled through a bizarre eighth inning that included a missed hit by pitch and a bad call on a double play ball- both of which went the Cubs way. The blown call at first was "made up" in the bottom of that inning with a bad call against Mike Fontenot.

Bring on Kevin Gregg to try and close out the game. The first two outs were pretty easy, but in true Gregg fashion he had to make us sweat. Andre Either got a base hit and Bobby Scales screwed up a routine ground ball from Matt Kemp. Thankfully Mark Loretta hit a into a 6-4 force out to end the game.

Always nice to win, especially with a crap lineup and with so many blown chances on offense. Simply put the bottom of the order has to do better for this team to win games. One final note, Andres Blanco is very good at playing shortstop, if him and Theriot are in the game, Blanco needs to be the SS and Theriot the second baseman. 

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