Friday, May 29, 2009

The Dodgers are Really Good, and the Cubs are Very Average

As I watch the Cubs miss another chance with runners in scoring position, I look at the Dodgers and see a World Series caliber team, and certainly the best team in the National League. This is a distinction that many handed them pre-season and their start certainly justified that distinction. 

When Manny got suspended most people thought that the NL West race would open back up, but Juan Pierre has stepped in and hit .403 in Manny's steroid mandated vacation. In fact the entire Dodgers offense is killing the ball right now, with the exception of Russel Martin and Andre Either- who happen to be the two most proven hitters the Dodgers have right now. They have also gotten sick pitching from their starters and Jonathon Broxton has the ninth inning locked down. 

Before the season started Greg and I both thought that their pitching would be the downfall, but with the way they pitch, and the obvious hitting ability, expect to see this team in the NLCS

That is not a place you will be finding this Cubs team. In fact I've already made plans for October that don't involve the Cubs. That doesn't mean this season isn't worth watching, because it will be a blast to watch these guys play good or bad. Every Ted start is going to be fun, because its Ted. Milton Bradley is pretty much must watch theatre because he might meltdown at any moment. Plus you can't possibly miss a Zambrano start after what happened the other day. 

One Sox note to pass on, I'm sure Ken will have more on this later but I saw that Carlos Quentin will take his injured foot to the DL. Hopefully for the Sox's sake he gets better fast because nobody wants to watch Scott Podsednik play left field. 

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