Friday, May 29, 2009

This is Fun to Watch

The Sox have really been playing great baseball as of late and it is continuing tonight in Kansas City. The Sox are doing a great job getting runs in when they are there, and they are doing well stringing hits. No longer are we banned from scoring in more than one inning per game.

It is so much more fun to watch baseball when it's being played well. Hitting, pitching, and fielder are all coming together for the Sox. And what is nice is that it isn't too late to start playing better. The Sox fell down in the division early but there is plenty of time to climb back. When tonight ends (Sox will win, Tigers will lose, Twinks will lose) the Sox will be 4 games out of first and a half game behind both the Royals and the Twinks for 2nd. Not too bad. I was on the brink of panic, and this blog saved me because when I sat down and wrote about what was happening I realized it wasn't that bad. Now I can start to see the light. Now to get back to .500

On another note as mentioned in an earlier post by Justin, Carlos Quentin has indeed been placed on the 15 day DL. He is eligible to return on June 10th as the DL stint is retroactive to May 26th. Podsednik and Anderson will hold down the fort for now, however Wise is on his way back and could play as early as tomorrow (EDIT: Wise entered the game to run for Paul Konerko in the top of the 6th). makes a valid point claiming that there is not enough room to keep Wise, Podsednik, and Anderson on the roster when Quentin comes back, so these next few weeks will be very important for each of them. On the bright side June 10th is 6 days before Cubs/Sox so hopefully Carlos is back and better than ever by then.

(During the writing of this post the Sox scored 3 runs increasing the lead to 11-0, and the inning still isn't over)

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