Wednesday, May 30, 2012

On Fire Doesn't Say Enough About Dayan Viciedo

Most of us have been caught up on Paul Konerko and his quest for .400.  Or A.J. and his ridiculous .447 average with runners in scoring position.  Or even the mammoth Donkey Punch that won Monday afternoon's game.

But what many people have been missing is just how well Dayan has been playing.

The Tank is now hitting .280 with 11 HR's and 27 RBI.  But that doesn't tell half the story.  Viciedo has bene on an unbelievable tear as of late.  Let's just take the last 15 games.

In these games Dayan has 25 hits adding up to a .424 average, 8 of his 11 HR's, 22 RBI, and an OPS of 1.281.

Viciedo is the White Sox 7 hole hitter.  An OPS over 1.00 is good for anybody at any spot in the order.  But for a guy who has been, and will likely to continue to hit towards the bottom to be at 1.281 for a stretch of half a month is amazing.

In only 5 of these 15 Viciedo did not drive in a run. He drove in multiple runs in 6 of the 15.  Before this stetch, Dayan was hitting .196 on the year and his OPS was a poor .530.  Now, .280 and .804.

But my favorite part of what Viciedo has been doing is how he's been spraying the baseball around the yard. At US Cellular field Viciedo has 25 hits.  8 have gone to left, 12 to center, and 5 to right.  If you cut the field directly in half, he has 15 hits to the pull side and 10 to the opposite field.  It's incredibly difficult to pitch to a guy who's hot, but when he's hot an spraying the ball all over the field, it's nearly impossible.

Not surprisingly the Sox are 12-3 in these 15 games.  Sure there have been other factors such as the afore mentioned Paulie, A.J. and Dunn, but no one has done more than Viciedo to turn this thing around for the South Siders.

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