Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hold on to Big Mo

In the 2nd inning of this afternoon's game the Sox loaded the bases with no outs.  The top of the order was coming up, and they went down 1-2-3 without moving a single base runner.

The following inning, Luke Scott nailed a pitch to the opposite field and tied the game at 1.

This was a possible turning point not only in today's game, but as part of this current hot streak, and potentially the entire season.

In year's past, the Sox would crumble under these failures.  We've seen it so many times, that I actually took to Twitter and said, this could be the end of this magical little win streak.

Luckily these Sox weren't having any of it.  The very next inning they struck for 2 huge runs that took the momentum that they had and squeezed it even tighter.

Then the Quintana ejection fiasco.  Another situation that could have gotten out of hand that the Sox just rolled over like a measly speed bump.

I wasn't buying into the whole "this team has a different feel" thing.  But I think now I have no choice.  Not only are they playing excellent baseball, but they are also NOT doing what they have been known for doing over the past few seasons.

Call me crazy, call me a homer, but I'm starting to really believe in this ball club.

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