Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Too Good to be This Bad

The Sox starting pitchers have now put together 7 quality starts in the first 10 games.  And yet the starters now have just 4 wins.

The Sox have scored the 2nd fewest runs in the American League with the embarrassing 38 runs in 10 games.  3.8 runs per game.  Simply not enough.

And why?  Well, you have 3 starters hitting under .180.  2 hitting under .120.  Two guys under .120.  Are you serious?

How can you consistently run out a lineup that involves players like this in it?  Lillibridge has started just once.  Escobar just twice.  Why?  Why have there been 34 AB's from Morel and 29 from Beckham.  While Lilli and Escobar have a combined 12 AB's.

You cannot keep losing games with hitters under .150 in the lineup.  ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY COME UP WITH 2 OUTS AND THE BASES LOADED IN THE DAMN NINTH INNING!!!

I understand that Beckham was the 5th overall pick a few years ago, and I get that Morel is the guy that we decided about a year and a half ago that we would go with.  But how much do you need to see?

We watched an entire season of Adam Dunn struggling and kept saying, it'll come around.  We know it will.  But it doesn't.  Hitting is way to hard to just figure out.

It doesn't take much more to be winning these games.  Opening Day, Sox lose by 1.  Beckham and Morel 1 for 8.  Game against Detroit, Sox lose by 3 but were in the game most of the afternoon. Morel 0 for 4.  Yesterday Sox lose by 6, but were winning all game and 1 more run would have been enough. Morel and Beckham 0 for 7.  Today, Sox lose by 1.  Morel and Beckham 1 for 8.

In those close losses, those two guys are 2 for 20.  .100 batting average.  Sound familiar?

Winnable games that we are throwing away.  It doesn't need to be like this.  This team has the pitching to contend.  Throwing away AB's because of continued play by people that cannot hit.  It much stop.  Wins are turning to losses, and that's something this team just cannot afford.  8-2 is what it could be.  Realistically, it really should be 7-3.  5-5 is the reality.  Not good enough.

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