Saturday, April 14, 2012

Holy Pitching

The White Sox are now 5-2, in first place, and on a four game winning streak against AL Central foes.  And there's one huge reason for it... pitching.

Sox starters are now 4-2 with each starter having one win.  Peavy has two great starts, Sale has one, Gavin has a great one and an ok one, and Danks has been good twice.

Sox starters have now thrown 42.2 innings, and allowed just 17 runs, good for a 3.59 ERA.  And that is with seven games in the books, five of which against the two best offenses in baseball.

Each starter has made it in to the 6th inning with each start, and not one time has a starter allowed more than 4 runs.

On to the bullpen.  Sox relievers have allowed just 4 runs on 18.1 innings.  An ERA of 1.96, the best in baseball.

3 for 3 in save chances already from Santiago, 5 holds from Crain, Thornton and Reed, and 15 strikeouts, 14 hits, and just 4 walks in those 18.1 innings.

Not once has the Sox pen blown the lead.  Sure they've needed some stellar defense at times behind them, but that's an extraordinary way to start off a year.

The Sox staff has single handedly gotten this season off to a promising start.  From the starters to the relievers, there no reason to think this can't continue either.  Keep pitching like this, and we could be in for a much more exciting year than once expected.

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