Friday, April 8, 2011

Why 0-6 Scares Me

With the loss yesterday to the Sox, the Rays are now 0 for their first 6. Yet this team still scares me.

Why you may ask? And the answer is quite simple. They have to win sometime. And with a pitching staff as talented as the Rays have, they are going to be tough beat every night. No matter what their record is right now.

Tonight us James Shields and John Danks. On paper it's almost 100% even. But in reality I think the Sox are dogs.

In Vegas the Sox are -160. Which in baseball terms means you are solid favorite.

To win tonight the Sox are going too need to keep the bats going. Even better than yesterday. And this is a tall task against someone as solid as Shields.

Someday in the near future the Rays are going to bust out offensively. I just really hope it's later than sooner.

Unfortunately I have a feeling tonight might be that night. Let's just hope the Sox can counter with some solid offense of their own.

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