Thursday, April 7, 2011

Bullpen Woes Must End

Though today Edwin Jackson handled the Rays almost completely by himself, the Sox bullpen will be a huge factor in the team's success moving forward.

Thus far the bullpen has lost 1 game, blown another that the offense gave to them, and took a 2-1 deficit to 7-1 in the blink of an eye.

Before today's scoreless inning by Sergio, the Sox were ranked 2nd to last in bullpen ERA. 6.95 was the damage. The Santos inning brought it down to 6.64, good for 27 in the league.

Pena, Ohman, and Humber have been the worst, but Sale, Thornton, and Crain won't be let off the hook. Without the dominance of Serg, the Sox bullpen ERA would be just a touch under 9.00.

I have no doubt that Crain, Thornton, and Sale will be alright. It's Ohman, Humber, and Pena that concern me.

None of these guys have even remotely looked good. Ohman claims it's a "funk." We'll have to see. Pena was brutal last year, and I highly doubt he gets any better. And Humber is young, inexperienced, and seemingly now lacking confidence.

The Sox called up Jeff Gray today, which may help, but they have got to get this turned around soon, or this is not going to be a fun year.

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