Tuesday, September 15, 2009

When You're Wrong, You're Wrong: Ryan Dumpster Edition

I thought about waiting another start or two from my favorite Dumpster before writing this so it didn't seem like a reaction to one start. However I realized that pretty much I've judged Dempster on a start to start basis all season so it's only fitting that I write this now and then take it back in five days when he gets shelled by St. Louis, heck the reason I don't like Dempster is based on one start last October (and his time as Ryan Dumpster: Chicago Cubs closer).

This past offseason the Cubs signed Ryan Dempster to a four year deal worth $52 million. I hated the deal at first, but understood it as a necessary evil. Dempster was coming off a career year which just happened to be his contract season, and there was a lot of luck involved in his season (.288 BABIP, .61 HR/9). Still the Cubs couldn't just let a starter like Dempster walk away and a portion of this contract was a reward for his loyalty to the Cubs.

It looks like, despite some questionable starts, Dempster has shown that he didn't have a fluke season last year. His ERA is 3.84, his ERA+ is 114, and his 2009 performance would be worth $13 million on the open market. Considering that his salary is only eight million this year, big win for the Cubs. I can safely say that for this season, and given his remaining commitment to his fitness (something he has slacked on in the past), the rest of his contract Dempster will be a solid pitcher for the Cubs. I was wrong.

This doesn't mean I won't be here after his next start whining about his long counts, walks, and amazing ability to suck. Dempster has proved to be a reliable starter who effectively eats up innings and does it without being truly awful (Livan Hernandez style). I still have an issue with how his DL stint was handled, and why he was there to begin with, but that has more to do with the media than Dempster himself. Be happy Cubs fans we were able to turn a marginal reliever into a reliable starting pitcher. Not too bad for a scrap heap pickup coming off Tommy John Surgery.

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