Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Stop Calling it a White Flag Move

Now don't go out thinking that the Sox are not the worst team ever, and don't go thinking that the Sox are going to win this division. But there is no way that the moves made by the Sox should be considered white flag trades.

Starting with Contreras, getting rid of him was an upgrade. I don't care how much we have to pay him, I don't care if they player we get ends up being a bad Double-A player, I just know that getting Jose off this team is a good thing. No longer is there "no choice" but to pitch him and no longer do we have to worry about him being out in the bullpen.

Next is moving Thome. The team gets better in doing this as well. No longer is the DH spot filled night in and night out. Now we have flexibility to move Carlos, Scotty, or Dye in and out of that spot without losing an everyday player in the lineup. Sure it hurts a little to take the power left handed bat out of the lineup, but he wasn't exactly lighting the world on fire.

So please stop saying this is a sign that the Sox are giving up, because it's not. The sign is that they haven't won a game this week.

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