Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Should Samardzija Join the Rotation Now?

September 2009 isn't a time for Cubs fans to enjoy a pennant race, instead it's a time to watch a failed team fail more. With that fact in mind I think that it's time for Jeff Samardzija to join the major league rotation. 

Yes it will be an epic disaster, especially when you remember what happened when he started against the Phillies. The point is Samardzija is getting paid a lot of money to play professional baseball, and it's time we start seeing results in the major leagues. The Cubs need to see what happens with Samardzija when he is part of the major league rotation for an extended period of time.

I have no issue expecting that Samardzija will ultimately be a bust. He's shown no ability to pitch to major leagues to this point. He had success when he first came up, but as soon as major league hitters realized he only had one good pitch he got lit up. He was sent back down to work on his breaking pitches, now is the time to see the results.

Let him go out every fifth day for a month a let's see what we have here. Have Larry Rothschild work with him on his breaking balls and his control. The Shark is getting $10 million and a major league contract to play baseball. Time to put him to the test for a month. The actual results aren't what's important here as much as him learning how to face major league hitters. Learning how to work against major league hitters and how to use his breaking pitches with his fastball. 

Samardzija's development as a pitcher is important for the future of the Cubs organization, with Randy Wells at an all-time innings high. That creates the opening the rotation and Samardzija should move in a fill it. 

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