Friday, September 11, 2009

Sox Give Golden Opportunity the Golden Shower

What a chance this was. To take the leap into second place and find yourself just 5 games back with 11 games before the first Tiger series. But not on this day say the the White Sox.

Instead they were out classed in every facet of the game and further proved why they do not belong on the same field as good teams.

I continue to get my hopes up about this team because I know the talent they have, I know ho good they could be, and most importantly, I know how much the Tigers and Twins do not want to win this division. But every time they have an opportunity to take a huge positive stride, they play a terrible game. Every chance it looks like they can pressure the teams ahead of them, they instantly relieve that pressure and prove to the rest of the division why they are not over .500.

I don't like to keep looking back, but had the Sox won just 1 or 2 more games during that brutal road trip, or won tonight, or the one against the A's, they would be right in the middle of this thing. If the Sox were .500, they would be 5 games out of first place, 1 game over, you're 4 games out, but no. The Sox continue to stumble over their own feet, and look like a team who doesn't belong each and every time they head to the road.

If at any point they put together a 5 game win streak from here on out, they will be within 2 or 3 games of the Tigers (closer if 3 of the 5 are against them), but we all know, every time the situation arises, they won't get it done. Pitching match ups, history, streaks can all be in the Sox favor, but when they absolutely need a win, they just can't seem to figure out a way to get one. I'm not going to give up yet because the Tigers refuse to let me do that, but this team wants to die, the AL Central is just not letting them do it.

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