Friday, September 11, 2009

Peavy Situation Starting to Get Ridiculous

He's ready to go, I just can't tell you when he will go says Don Cooper. I don't get it. He pitched fine in the bullpen session today, fine in the last one, he says he's ready to go, Coop say he's ready to go, let him go.

But they are afraid to do it, and I have a sneaking suspicion they are waiting to get him a home start to get the attendance figure up for that day. Well guess what, if we win a few games in a row here, there is going to be a lot better reason to go to games, we will actually be in the race.

So he's my thought. Torres is technically scheduled to pitch on Tuesday (opener in Seattle), the idea that is being thrown around is to throw Freddy in that spot and go with a 4 man rotation until the 5th guy is needed. In that case, Peavy doesn't pitch until the middle of the KC series (7 games from now). Why?

Throw him Tuesday, leave the rotation in order, actually try to win this thing. Half healthy Peavy is a lot better than fully healthy Torres, and probably even Garcia. So put him in there, test him out, if it fails, make the decision from there. If it's successful, the Tigers are going to be doing a lot of looking behind their backs from here on out.

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